Saturday, January 12, 2008

Strange Folks (Videos)

As promised, here's your videos!

Strange Folks (Pictures)

Here's some pictures of some strange folks we ran across in San Francisco.  Enjoy!

(Roving Band of Unicyclists)

(Same Roving Band - From Behind)

(Man Dressed as Dog Taunts Dogs Dressed as Men)

(Broke Dancer - Not a Pun....We gave him money)


(Magic Floating Dude)

(Strange Instrument I have never seen)

(Strange Person I have never Seen Playing Familiar Instrument Wearing Strange Hat)

(You can't tell from this angle, but they're actually holding up the Golden Gate Bridge)

(This man told us what was up.  See next post for video)


(His paint says he's happy, but his lips say otherwise.  Also, this clown either rides or steals skateboards)

(This man has issues)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Have Fun With Bob