Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Am A One Who Has A Job

On Thursday, I went in to the office of a lawyer with whom I've been working for the last several months in order to meet with a couple of new clients.  After meeting with the clients, the lawyer informed me that he'd like to bring me on as a part of the firm.  This, of course, was great news.  It will give us a steady base income, which will be sufficient to meet our monthly needs, and thus, enable us to budget to get out of debt (which we think we can do in about a year).  The deal we have worked out will also allow me to earn potentially twice as much, provided I work for it, which I am certainly ready to do.

Most importantly, I am going to be back in a law firm setting, where I will have the support I have been wanting, and the mentorship from the partners to advance my litigation capabilities.

Anyway, here's my new office:

And, here's my home office:

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