Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Am A One Who Is Sorry...

Well, I must say to everybody, that I was quite disappointed and disillusioned at the fact that after I made three blog posts early in January, and nobody commented.

I pretty much gave up on blogging. Jessi said she left me a comment, but I didn't see it. Then, the other day, she left me a comment again. Only this time, she noticed that it required my approval. She figured out that I had turned on my comment moderation. Which, I did. I remember doing it. I just misunderstood what that meant. Evidently, I had it set up so that I had to approve all comments before they would post. However, I had disabled the email notification that would have told me that I had new comments to approve/disapprove.

So, just now, I logged in to my Blogger account, and went to the moderate comments section...only to find some nearly 50 comments that I had to approve or reject! Most of them were spam, for some reason, but I had about 18 legitimate comments from you guys!

Seriously, it just about made my day.

Well, here's my way of saying I'm sorry... Enjoy these fabulous pictures I took this morning while stuck on 450 on my way to discuss a new legal opportunity:

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LoveLladro said...

Poor husband thinks no one loves him... I love you! Glad to hear you are back to blogging!