Saturday, January 06, 2007

Um... January, are you in there?

This is the weather right now!

Don't get me wrong, I am digging the 73 degree day! And, it's sunny, to boot! However, I'd like January to recognize that this is, traditionally, a winter month. Generally, in the Mid-Atlantic Region, winter is associated with cold weather, possibly snow, ice storms, etc..

I'm willing to cut you some slack, January, as I realize that you are the first month of 2007. I can appreciate that it may take you some time to get your bearings. However, please understand that there is a time for this kind of weather, but that's usually not until April or May. Frankly, I feel like I've been gypped out of a good winter for the last few years, now. I mean, last year there was that one snow storm that gave us like a foot, but that was pretty much the only time it snowed, and it didn't stick around for very long. Now, I know that wasn't exactly your fault. And, believe me, February is in for some trouble, too, if he doesn't shape up this year.

Look, I'm just saying, I'm going to enjoy this day, go to the park and play some ultimate frisbee. But, I am going to require some snow pretty soon. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've seen a white Christmas (I know, I know, that's December's deal...), but usually we're seeing our first snow here sometime in October or November. The fact that it's January and, not only has it not snowed yet this season, it is 73 degrees outside only adds insult to injury. I don't know if you are getting some peer pressure from those spring and summer months...It's ok to be cold. Some people actually like it that way.

Hey, all I am saying, January, is be yourself.


Carrie and Scott said...

Hey, it's nice to see an update! I like the seasons too. But I don't miss the bitter cold Iowa used to bring for like 100 days in a row. We are enjoying our weather down south, but it looks like you are getting to enjoy it too! We miss you both! Take Care!

Carrie and Scott said...

oh, I see what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Adam,

My name is january. I am sorry for your dissappointment in me. Sometimes even months can keep up with the reputation people have for us. Its like you humans cant be perfect, but I am not singling you out though. All humans aren't perfect. So the next time a month rolls around that isnt up to standards, just know that they arent perfect all the time. But I am back and winter is in full blast. I hope you enjoy the cold and the snow!

your friend,

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Anonymous said...
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kathi said...

Looks like you got our weather, please send it home.

Carrie and Scott said...

How's February treating you? Heard it was 1 degree today!

LoveLladro said...

It has snowed... is February off to a better start then January?

LoveLladro said...

So what is the verdict? Is February doing ok?